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8 Colors LED Face Mask Light Therapy, At-Home Photon Skin Care Beauty Mask for Anti Wrinkles Acne Reduction (Miracle ACE)

8 Colors LED Face Mask Light Therapy, At-Home Photon Skin Care Beauty Mask for Anti Wrinkles Acne Reduction (Miracle ACE)

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  • Versatile 8-Color Spectrum LED Face Mask: Harnessing the power of eight distinct colors with precision up to ±5nm, including near-infrared (820nm), red (630nm), blue (465nm), green (520nm), yellow, purple, teal, and white. Each color is tailored to address diverse skin needs, delivering benefits such as reduced wrinkles, enhanced collagen production, even skin tone, and balanced hydration for an improved complexion.
  • Elevate Your Skincare with Professional-Grade LED Light: Our LED face mask is equipped with 240 high-quality lamp beads imported and the battery capacity is 2000mAh. Our LED face mask device sets itself apart from "toy-level" products with its professional-grade lamp beads, delivering 6 times more energy (30 mW/cm²). With an exceptional purity of over 98%, harmful variegated light, including UV, is completely eliminated to safeguard your skin from potential damage.
  • Innovative Patent Design - HIME SAMA LED mask boasts a patented silicone eye mask holder for eye protection and an adjustable chin pad to suit diverse face shapes. These unique features maintain a 1cm distance for a safer, cleaner experience, ensuring optimal coverage for both face and neck skin.
  • SPA Quality Skin Care at Home: Experience the ultimate convenience with our ultralight wireless LED face mask featuring easy one-touch control. Just 10 minutes a day, equivalent to five weekly visits to a beauty clinic, to attain professional results at an affordable cost. Enjoy the comfort of skincare in the comfort of your home and reveal a radiant, healthy complexion!
  • Exceptional Customer Care: We offer a 146-day free product trial, not satisfied with the results? Full refund immediately! Additionally, enjoy a complimentary 2-year warranty for hassle-free returns and exchanges. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions; our professional team will swiftly resolve any issues within 24 hours.

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Everyday Use Can Help

  • Stimulate collagen production for smooth and supple skin
  • Slow down melanin formation for a youthful glow
  • Fight acne, reduce dark spots, fine lines, and much more
  • Increase moisture absorption so you look refreshed all-day
  • Increase blood circulation and brighten up the skin
  • Promote skin elasticity and softness so it feels as good as it looks

Take Care of Your Skin Now To Maintain It’s Youthful Charm Later!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does LED light therapy work?

LEDs offer a mechanism for low-level light therapy (LLLT) or "photo biostimulation," also known as "light therapy." The effects of phototherapy and LLLT are photochemical. When the correct irradiance and wavelength are used, the photons of light energy generated by the LED light source are absorbed by selected chromophores in the tissue of skin cells, thereby improving the metabolism of cells and promoting the proliferation of healthy cells.

Are LED face masks safe?

Yes. Since they’re non-invasive and don’t emit UV light – as long as you follow the instructions and use them for the recommended amounts of time only.

What benefits can LED light therapy provide?

Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces inflammation
Improves acne scars
Prevents breakouts by killing the acne-causing bacteria
Promotes circulation
Stimulates collagen production
Brightens skin

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