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Máscara facial LED Terapia de luz Dispositivo de belleza de fotones faciales (Miracle MAX)

Máscara facial LED Terapia de luz Dispositivo de belleza de fotones faciales (Miracle MAX)

Precio habitual $179.99 USD
Precio habitual $339.99 USD Precio de oferta $179.99 USD
Oferta Agotado
  • Nueva correa superior agregada para mayor comodidad y duplica la capacidad de la batería para una mayor usabilidad
  • 180 perlas de lámpara importadas de alta calidad ofrecen 6 veces más energía (30 mW/cm²)
  • Rigurosamente probado por el Instituto Coreano de Ciencias Dermatológicas
  • Combata las arrugas (luz roja), aumente el colágeno (infrarrojo cercano) y trate el acné (luz azul) con longitudes de onda precisas (820 nm, 630 nm, 465 nm) para obtener resultados óptimos con una precisión de ± 5 nm.
  • Control inalámbrico con un solo toque, 10 minutos al día para resultados profesionales
  • Mantiene la mascarilla a 1 cm de distancia, cubriendo el rostro y llegando hasta el cuello.
  • Garantía gratuita de 2 años para devoluciones y cambios sin complicaciones

El uso diario puede ayudar

  • Estimula la producción de colágeno para una piel suave y flexible.
  • Ralentiza la formación de melanina para un brillo juvenil.
  • Combate el acné, reduce las manchas oscuras, las líneas finas y mucho más
  • Aumenta la absorción de humedad para que luzcas renovado todo el día.
  • Aumenta la circulación sanguínea e ilumina la piel.
  • Promueve la elasticidad y suavidad de la piel para que se sienta tan bien como parece.

¡Cuide su piel ahora para mantener su encanto juvenil más adelante!

El paquete incluye

  • Máscara LED X 1 (con caja)
  • 1 mando a distancia.
  • 1 cable de carga USB.
  • Manual de usuario X 1
  • Bolsa para el polvo X 1

Envío y devoluciones

Envío gratis

Respaldado por una garantía del fabricante de 2 años.

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Preguntas frecuentes

¿Cómo funciona la terapia con luz LED?

Los LED ofrecen un mecanismo de terapia de luz de bajo nivel (LLLT) o "fotobioestimulación", también conocida como "terapia de luz". Los efectos de la fototerapia y la LLLT son fotoquímicos. Cuando se utilizan la irradiancia y la longitud de onda correctas, los fotones de energía luminosa generados por la fuente de luz LED son absorbidos por cromóforos seleccionados en el tejido de las células de la piel, mejorando así el metabolismo de las células y promoviendo la proliferación de células sanas.

¿Son seguras las mascarillas LED?

Sí. Dado que no son invasivos y no emiten luz ultravioleta, siempre que sigas las instrucciones y los utilices únicamente durante el tiempo recomendado.

¿Qué beneficios puede aportar la terapia con luz LED?

Suaviza las líneas finas y las arrugas.
Reduce la inflamación
Mejora las cicatrices del acné.
Previene los brotes matando las bacterias que causan el acné.
Promueve la circulación
Estimula la producción de colágeno.
Ilumina la piel

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Ulrike Wenng
Alles gut

Anwendung easy und komfortabel. Die Haut kann ich noch nicht beurteilen, aber es ist eine gute Tendenz zu spüren.

Fantastic light therapy treatment

Both myself and my husband have been using this mask for the last couple of weeks and we've been really impressed so far with the results! My husband has more wrinkles than me, so for photo purposes, I used him lol. He was a bit sceptical at first, but after seeing his before and after photos, he's well pleased! As you can see in my picture, after just 2 weeks, there's definitely some improvement - his skin is brighter and his wrinkles are lessened. It recommends a 12 week course of daily treatment before seeing the best results - it will be very interesting to see the difference after 12 weeks! Both myself and my husband are using it every day on both the red and blue light setting - on this setting it gives you 10 mins of each light therapy. For me, personally, I've seen great results too. Although I don't have wrinkles, I suffer with irritated, rosacea prone skin. My skin has been clearer and brighter, plus looks smoother. I haven't had any of my usual skin issues whilst using it either, and my skin looks really healthy. The mask itself is easy to wear and adjusts well to fit. The eye pieces don't dig horribly around the eyes, although I do find that some light does come through. On the whole, it's comfortable to wear and my husband tends to nod off whilst wearing it (the snoring gives it away). The mask comes beautifully packaged, with a remote, micro usb to USB charging cable, a velvety pouch and full instructions. It also comes with literature explaining about light treatment - something that I found a great addition and an informative read. The mask takes around 2.5 hours to charge from flat via the micro usb cable and seems to last us for around 80-90 mins of treatment time. The remote is easy to operate and has just one button. This scrolls through the different settings - red 5 mins, red 10 mins, blue 5 mins, blue 10 mins and lastly a combination setting of the 2 colours. I really love this mask - it's had some amazing results so far and has now become an important addition to my beauty regime. My husband gives it two thumbs up too!

Madison Lee
LED Face Mask

Delivered in its own branded box

Inside the box you get one LED Face mask which comes with a digital remote control , a usb charging cable and black velvet drawstring carry bag .

The quality of the build is exceptional , I've had other masks that were much more flimsy than this one .

It's made from a strong ABS plastic which has Red & Blue LED light functions on the inside , it has built in eye goggles for protection against the lights and is fitted with an adjustable elasticated head strap .

The power button is located on the right hand side of the mask push it once then use the remote control to choose which light therapy you want to use .

The two types of lights work different ways , The Red light reduces inflammation and stimulates the production of collagen which is great for aging skin like my own . The Blue LED light helps to destroy acne-causing bacteria which I still occasionally suffer from . So this Mask is a double skin whammy for me .

After a month of using it , I have noticed a significant difference in the tone & texture of my skin , it's clearer I've only had one or two outbreaks and it feels a lot firmer .

If you question the cost ,I'd say , yes , there are cheaper masks out there but they aren't as robust or as well made as this one . They don't have as many lights or both types of light therapy.

This mask is fantastic , just using it for four weeks has offset the costs of it and my skin hasn't felt irvlooked this good in years . I'm very happily recommending.

Oliver Evans
Revitalized Complexion, Happy Me!

The HIME SAMA LED skin mask has completely revitalized my complexion. I've struggled with dull skin, but the combination of lights in this mask has brought back a healthy glow. It's like a reset button for my face, making me feel truly happy in my skin!

Harper Taylor
Mask light

I’ve been using this mask a few times a week, or trying to when I get some spare time to myself for a few weeks now.

I’m now in my 30s and want to try and keep my skin looking as youthful as possible, looking after it as I’m getting older is important to me.

I found that the mask is comfortable to wear and isn’t too heavy. It’s a good way to just chill out and switch off for abit. You only need to wear the mask for 10 minutes for it to do its work and ideally you would do it daily. Once charged up the mark is completely wireless so you can wear it around the house and don’t have to stay in one place. It comes with straps that are fully adjustable to keep it in place and comfortable.

Using the red therapy light is can reduce wrinkles, even out skin tone and leave skin looking rejuvenated. I’ve been enjoying using this item and do feel like my skin is looking better. I’m going to continue using this item.