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Masque de soin de la peau du visage à la lumière LED HIME SAMA 7 couleurs (Or)

Masque de soin de la peau du visage à la lumière LED HIME SAMA 7 couleurs (Or)

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Fatigué d'une peau terne et sans vie ? Envie de retrouver cet éclat juvénile ? Vous luttez contre les éruptions d'acné ?

Notre masque facial de thérapie par la lumière LED est la solution. Notre masque de thérapie LED est conçu pour offrir à votre peau les soins, le soutien et les câlins dont elle a besoin pour améliorer sa texture, sa fermeté et son teint, le tout sans produits chimiques agressifs ni lumières UV.

Le masque facial de soin à la lumière LED est un système complet anti-âge facile à utiliser qui fait reculer le temps pour votre peau. Seulement 25 minutes par jour suffiront à laisser votre peau revitalisée, rajeunie et rafraîchie.

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Backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Everyday Use Can Help

  • Stimulate collagen production for smooth and supple skin
  • Slow down melanin formation for a youthful glow
  • Fight acne, reduce dark spots, fine lines, and much more
  • Increase moisture absorption so you look refreshed all-day
  • Increase blood circulation and brighten up the skin
  • Promote skin elasticity and softness so it feels as good as it looks

Take Care of Your Skin Now To Maintain It’s Youthful Charm Later!

Please Note

  • Lay on the couch or bed when using it for a comfortable experience
  • You can use it without the strap by tilting your head back a bit
  • You can close your eyes if the light intensity makes you feel unwell
  • Place a sponge between the bridge of the nose if you feel any pressure
  • The mask includes more than 190 LEDs so it may be a little heavy

Package Includes

  • Facial & Neck Mask X 1 (with box)
  • Remote Control X
  • Power Cord X
  • Full English User Manual X
  • Black Accessories X 1
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does LED light therapy work?

LEDs offer a mechanism for low-level light therapy (LLLT) or "photo biostimulation," also known as "light therapy." The effects of phototherapy and LLLT are photochemical. When the correct irradiance and wavelength are used, the photons of light energy generated by the LED light source are absorbed by selected chromophores in the tissue of skin cells, thereby improving the metabolism of cells and promoting the proliferation of healthy cells.

Are LED face masks safe?

Yes. Since they’re non-invasive and don’t emit UV light – as long as you follow the instructions and use them for the recommended amounts of time only.

What benefits can LED light therapy provide?

Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces inflammation
Improves acne scars
Prevents breakouts by killing the acne-causing bacteria
Promotes circulation
Stimulates collagen production
Brightens skin


Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Dawn Jackson
Great Mask

Easy to use.

Sabrina V Kan
Highest quality LED mask ever

This mask comes with so many different LED colors definitely great value for money. It’s very comfortable and I can tell it’s working.

Pallavi Rakshit
Wow product

I have started this LED mask and am highly excited to use it. With the first use I felt relaxed and hence glow was inevitable on my face. I have read that it reduces fine lines,wrinkles and brings in the positive benefits on the skin. I wish with every usage my benefits increases.

Renee Tester

Amazing product.

Geraldine Pinto
The best for our skin

I have been testing this mask for weeks and I really love the way my skin looks and feels. In addition, each light is focused on something specific to our skin. All women should have this in our homes.