Red Light Therapy: Can Its Benefits Overpower Expensive Skincare Methods?

Red Light Therapy: Can Its Benefits Overpower Expensive Skincare Methods?

Meta Description: If you are seeking a natural way to tackle every possible skin complication then read to find out the major benefits of the unique Red Light Therapy (RTL)!

Red Light Therapy: Can Its Benefits Overpower Expensive Skincare Methods?

Do you sometimes try to ignore seeing yourself in the mirror? Is it because want to avoid the harsh reality of your early wrinkles, prevalent pores, or very oily skin?

Celebrities have created some superficial expectations in our subconscious to look flawless. Effective skincare is thus very difficult. Worry not, Red Light Therapy (RTL) can be the perfect alternative to those fancy Botox and facial treatments!

While you can find a range of beauty products, you will be often disappointed by their short-lived benefits. HIME SAMA masks use 7 different low-level wavelengths of light to achieve a clinically proven long-lived solution to your skin problems.

This more convenient and economic technique has shown affirmative results to various customers aged between 25-64 years. The LED low-level light therapy (LLLT) is a specially designed mask that acts as a catalyst to your skin recovery process. The specific lights target the damaged skin and heal accordingly.

You will find these common benefits of most RTL in HIME SAMA mask:

  • Helps reduce various wrinkles-nasolabial, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet
  • Tightens skin and reduce pores
  • Eradicates stretch marks after severe weight loss
  • Eliminates any scars, acne, uneven pigmentation, suntan, and age spots
  • Repairs cellular tissues and heals wounds
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Boosts the production of fibroblast
  • Enhances facial blood circulation
  • Polishes facial texture by decreasing fine lines
  • Speeds up the recovery of any bruises, bite wounds, or burns

The RTL facial masks are ergonomically made for a better user experience, leaving you with a spa-like feel. You can multitask while putting the comfortable mask on, in return, you will get specific, enchanting effects!

The targeted benefits of the 7 different wavelengths of light are:

Red Light, 690nm Wavelength

  • Escalates collagen production, ensuring faster cell repair and slowing aging
  • Revitalizes mitochondria- the powerhouse of your skin cells
  • Calms redness and swelling

Blue Light, 470nm Wavelength

  • Clinically tested and proven to wipe all your stubborn acne
  • It Will help you completely get your natural skin back, without any permanent scars
  • Kills bacteria

Green Light, Wavelength 520nm

  • Evens skin tone, even for the ones with ruddy complexions
  • Lowers hyperpigmentation
  • Minimizes puffiness

Yellow Light, Wavelength 590nm

  • Enhances skin smoothness
  • Soothes rosacea, redness, fever, and ringworms

Purple Light:

  • Will effortlessly wipe out all your acne scars

Teal Light (Combination of Blue and Green At 415 Nm And 520 Nm)

  • Increases metabolism by boosting cellular energy
  • Combats winter season related skin problems

White Light

  • Diminishes age spots
  • Ameliorates loose skin
  • Reduces seasonal disorders

Final Thoughts

I believe the Red Light Therapy (RLT) to be a modern and faster variant of the typical ayurvedic products because the entire process is completely natural.  While the scientifically proven benefits are prevalent, you must keep in mind that no two skin is the same. So, before usage, always do a patch test.


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